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Charlotte of the Upper West Side sets a new benchmark for sustainable architecture with an emphasis on wellness and luxury. Intelligently designed and engineered, with integrated state-of-the-art building systems designed to boost residents’ health, wellbeing, safety, and comfort, these homes are good for the environment and good for you and your family.

Airtight Envelope

The building’s architects, engineers, and development team went to extraordinary lengths to achieve Passive House Institute certification, which is known to reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling by up to 90 percent. Robust insulation and airtight seals minimize air leaks and drafts, keeping rooms consistently comfortable and quiet while significantly reducing energy consumption.

The crisp, museum-quality glass offers maximum daylight and views with added protection from dust and street noise.

The quadruple layer, triple-paned windows are up to four times more energy-efficient than standard residential windows, providing constant year-round indoor temperatures. Window panes and wood frames stay cool to the touch on very hot summer days and warm in winter.  Instead of shifting seasonally between stifling heat and freezing cold, room temperatures stay consistent and comfortable. On the coldest days, you could sit right next to the window without a heater or having to wear a thick sweater.

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A terra-cotta louver system outside the floor-to-ceiling windows of the building’s Columbus Avenue facade helps keep the kitchen-living-dining room bright and comfortable all year long.

In summer, the custom baguette-shaped louvers deflect the heat of the high-angled sun’s rays while still allowing sunlight to brighten the indoors.

In winter, the low-angled sun passes between the louvers, bringing in welcome warmth and light during the colder months of the year.


The benefits of good indoor air quality include reduced respiratory problems, better sleep, higher productivity, and a general feeling of wellbeing. While most buildings have indoor air quality that is 10 times worse than the air outside, at Charlotte of the Upper West Side, every residence has its own individual high-performance ventilation system with separate ducts to make the air inside your home as comfortable and as clean as possible. In comparison, most newly constructed properties are typically outfitted with a single ventilation system for the entire building.

The state-of-the-art, Swiss-engineered energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system is engineered to deliver fresh filtered outside air to each room of your home, repeatedly exchanging stale indoor air with fresh air from outside. It is well documented that better air quality means greater productivity during the day and better sleep at night.

At the touch of a button on a smartphone app, residents can adjust the amount of air flowing into their home, boosting fresh air up to 120 percent above the building’s already superior fresh air flow.

Each residence has its own state-of-the-art, Swiss-engineered energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system that delivers fresh filtered outside air to each room of the home, repeatedly exchanging stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

The ERV system exchanges your home’s entire volume of indoor air with freshly filtered outdoor air 13 times per day in normal-use mode. In boost mode, air is exchanged more than 28 times.

The system also maintains constant indoor temperatures and humidity levels year-round.

In summer, ERV units remove moisture from warm, humid outside air before mixing it with outgoing conditioned air.

In winter, the system transfers heat from outgoing air as it mixes with cold fresh air from outside.

Air Filtration

High-efficiency state-of-the-art filtration will purify the incoming fresh air entering each residence’s individual ventilation system, removing irritants and allergens including tobacco smoke, pollen, fine dust, and pet dander. Afterwards, UV light is used to eliminate nearly all viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. The dual strategy for eliminating external contaminants creates unparalleled indoor air quality.

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Sound Insulation

The residences are remarkably quiet, thanks to robust insulation on exterior walls and quadruple layer, triple-paned windows that virtually eliminate outside noise. Many spaces, including secondary bedrooms, have quadruple layers of high-performance acoustically insulated QuietRock drywall. Robust insulation between residences minimize floor-to-floor sound transmission.

Low or No VOC

Non-toxic interior materials and finishes boost indoor air quality throughout the residences by reducing or eliminating the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Reducing VOCs, which can cause allergies, ear, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, and even damage to the kidneys, liver, and central nervous system, creates a more comfortable and healthier environment for residents.

FSC Standards

Charlotte of the Upper West Side is crafted entirely with sustainably sourced materials. All wood flooring, doors, window frames, wood trims, and millwork, including custom Henrybuilt kitchens and bathroom vanities, are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as meeting its worldwide standards of environmentally and socially responsible forest management.